PROCTOR Wraptite Self-adhesive Vapour Permeable Airtight Membrane - 1.5 x 50m
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Proctor Wraptite combines important properties of vapour permeability and airtightness in one affordable self-adhering membrane. It fully bonds to virtually any substrate, with a key benefit being its ease of installation, negating the requirement for sealants or tapes. It makes a significant contribution to a building’s thermal performance by preventing lateral air movement, but it also contributes to a healthy living environment and a healthy building thanks to its vapour permeability. With an Sd of 0.039m, it provides a high degree of vapour permeability in a commercial-quality, self-adhered, airtight breathable membrane.

Key points :

Airtight yet vapour permeable

No primer required

Tough facer laminate resists punctures and tears during construction

Lightweight and easy to install

Wide service temperature range

Can be left exposed for up to 120 days during construction

No VOC's

Specification :

Width: 1.5m
Length: 50m
Nominal Thickness: 0.65mm
Sd value: 0.039m
Reaction to Fire: Class B-s1,d0 tested ti EN 13501-1 (on Class A1 or A2-s1,d0 substrate)
Water Penetration: Class W1 tested to EN 1928 Method A
Peel Adhesion: Equal to or greater than 5.01 N/10mm tested to EN 1939
Tensile Strength: MD 417N / CD 252N tested to EN 12311-1
Tear Resistance: MD 412N / CD 286N tested to EN 12310-1
Install Temperature: -10℃ to +60
Service Temperature: -40℃ to +100℃
Material: Triple-layer polypropylene micro-porous film laminate, with a proprietary acrylic moisture vapour permeable adhesive and silicone-coated PET release liner.

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