ADAPTAVATE breathAplasta Smooth (Natural Breathable Smooth Fine Finishing Plaster) - 20kg bag
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Adaptavate BreathAplasta Smooth is a high-quality fine finishing plaster for internal use to achieve an attractive smooth or fine polished surface finish.

Quick and easy to use. A fast setting time allows for fast and efficient completion in as little as 3 hrs from start to finish.

Well suited as the top coat finishing plaster for most internal walls and ceilings. Typically applied as the skim finish to a lime plaster system. Can be used to skim over old lime plaster walls and ceilings.

Easy two-coat skim finish for plasterboard. Apply base coat at 1-2mm, top coat at 1 2mm and trowel to a smooth finish.

Please Note.
10 to 12m² coverage is expected at 2-3mm thick coat of Smooth plaster.

Key points :

Quick setting and easy to use:
Saves time and labour on installation. Sets in just under 60 minutes.

High-quality fine finishing plaster:
Attractive smooth surface finish. Fine-grained 2-3mm application.

Breathable lime plaster:
Water vapour permeable. Ideal renovating plaster for older buildings.

Versatile plaster finish:
Well suited to a range of backgrounds. Trowel to a smooth finish or sponge float.

> View the breathAplasta Systems guide.

Specification :

Packaged Weight: 20kg
Quantity: 1 sack/bag
Max Particle Size: 0.5 mm
Fresh Mortar Density: 1700 g/L
Dried Hardened Mortar Density:
1310 g/L
Water Absorption:
1.5 Kg/(m².min0.5)
Compressive Strength (mean):
5.5 N/mm²
Flexural Strength (mean):
0.82 N/mm²
Adhesion (concrete substrate):
0.2 N/mm² 
Vapour Permeability:
5 μ
Thermal Conductivity:
0.27 W/mK
Reaction To Fire:
Euroclass A1

Coverage per 20kg bag (approx):
10/12 m² @ 2-3mm thickness

20kg sack
1 full pallet is 50 bags (1,000kg) - Quantity pricing is available on request.

Not suited for use as a base coat on bare brick walls. BreathAplasta Universal should be used as a base coat then Smooth as a top coat.

- Breathaplasta Smooth is designed to be a versatile finish for a range of backgrounds.
- Suitable for direct application to standard plasterboard as a two-coat thin skim finish.
- Apply as the final surface finish to Adaptavate products – Breathaplasta Thermal or Breathaplasta Universal. Also suitable for over skimming existing mineral plaster surfaces.

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