ADAPTAVATE breathAplasta Thermal (Insulating Breathable Plaster) - 9kg bag
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Adaptavate BreathAplasta Thermal is a versatile multi-coat plaster to thermally insulate solid wall properties to reduce heating demand and improve comfort.

Quick setting time per coat allows for faster completions.
Apply 40mm per pass and up to 80mm per day. Setting time per coat is just 2 hours.

Easy wet applied thermally insulating plaster system for all building types, especially well suited to older solid wall properties. Plaster systems prevent air gaps that may be seen in solid internal wall insulation (IWI).

Key points :

Quick setting and easy to use:
Saves time and labour on installation. Sets in just 2 hours per coat.

Thermal wall insulation:
Improves U-Value of solid walls. 100% 'natural' lightweight insulating plaster.

Breathable lime plaster:
Water vapour permeable. Ideal renovating plaster for older buildings.

Parge Coat
Useful as a parge coat for wood fibre boards onto masonry walls.

> View the breathAplasta Systems guide.

Specification :

Bag Weight: 9kg
Thermal Conductivity: 0.18 W/mK (tabulated)
Fresh Mortar Density: 850 g/L
Dried Hardened Mortar Density: 570 g/L
Water Absorption: 1.3 Kg/(m².min0.5)
Compressive Strength (mean): 3.4 N/mm²
Flexural Strnegth (mean): 0.44 N/mm²
Adhesion (concrete substrate): 0.1 N/mm²
Vapour Permeability: 5 μ
Reaction to Fire: Euroclass A1
2 m² @ 10mm thick
1 m² @ 20mm thick
0.67 m² @ 30mm thick
0.5 m² @ 40mm thick

CE Marked

UKCA Marked

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