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[[start desc]] If pipes or cables penetrate the airtightness layer, they too must be securely sealed. The most...
[[start desc]] SIGA Wigluv® 150 is a diffusible, single-sided, and strong adhesive tape generally suitable for bonding overlaps...
[[start desc]] ORCON Multibond [[end desc]] [[start key]]   [[end key]] [[start spec]] Thickness: 3mmWidth: 11mmLength: 10mWeight: 0.35...
[[start desc]] SIGA Primur Roll is a durable self-adhesive and elastic tape for bonding and creating an airtight...
[[start desc]] The LWK Komfort ladder's innovative design ensures ease of use, a high insulation value and quick installation....
[[start desc]] Marks a fixing point through fittings or fixtures at depths up to 50mm. A unique patented...
[[start desc]] Promat Promatect is a high strength, dimensional stability and fire performance, fire protection board for structural steelwork...
[[start desc]] OBEX CORTEX 0280FR Board Joint Sealant seals the joints and fixing heads on the OBEX CORTEX...
[[start desc]] OBEX CORTEX 0290FR Self-Drilling Board Screws are used to fix and secure the CORTEX 0270 Class...
[[start desc]] OBEX CORTEX 0787FR Non-Flammable Surface Primer is an innovative and highly effective synthetic primer that is specially...
[[start desc]] OBEX CORTEX 0814FR Board Jointing Tape is a single-sided adhesive tape used for sealing the joints between...
[[start desc]] OBEX CORTEX 0210FR Class A2 Paste Adhesive is used in conjunction with the OBEX CORTEX 0200FR...
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