20mm STEICO Therm SD (wet) - 600mm x 1350mm - per board
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0.81 m²
Thermal Conductivity:
0.038 W/mK
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Steico Therm is a multifunctional rigid insulation board made from natural wood fibres. It had a square edge profile and has a light side (machine sanded in the factory) and a darker, untreated side, the lighter side is the plaster carrying face.

Key points :

Quick and easy installation

Excellent insulation properties in winter and summer

High compression strength

Water vapour open

Helps to regulate the indoor climate

Ecological and environmentally friendly

Specification :

Length: 1350mm
Width: 600mm
Thickness: 20mm
Declared thermal resistance RD [(m²*K) / W]: 1,05(40) /1,55(60) / 2,10(80)
sd value [m]: 0,2(40) / 0,3(60) / 0,4(80)
Specific heat capacity c [J/(kg*K)]: 2.100
Minimum compression strength at 10% deformation δ10 [N / mm²]: 0,05


External insulation for roofs or floors with discontinuously laid coverings or under sarking felt

Interior insulation for floors or roofs, insulation between rafters

Insulation under a screed

External insulation for walls behind a rain screen

Insulation for timber structures


Produced and supervised according to EN 13171
Fire class according to EN 13501-1: E

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