80mm STEICO Special Dry 600mm x 2230mm (1.338m² per board)
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1.338 m²
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Steico special dry is an insulating weatherboarding made from natural wood fibres. Suitable for both sheathing and roofing applications and is ideal for renovation and new build projects.

Key points :

Applied over the rafters or studs to improve insulation values

3 fold functionality; insulation, wind tightness and weatherproofing

High ‘Summer Heat’ protection

Good sound insulating properties

Can be laid directly onto the rafters without additional support

Both easy to handle and work with

Water vapour open for healthy constructions

Exposure to the elements for up to 12 weeks on new build projects and 4 weeks for renovation projects for roof pitches over 16°

High insulation values, improving energy efficiencies

Reduces thermal bridging

Specification :

Length: 2230mm
Width: 600mm
Thickness: 80mm
Density: 140 kg/m³ Approx.
Thermal Conductivity: 0.040 W/mK
Thermal Resistance RD: 2 (m²*K)/W
Water vapour diffusion resistance value (μ): 3
Specific heat capacity: c [J/(kg*K)] 2.100


New builds
Renovation projects

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