SOUDAL Soudabond Easy - 750ml Hand Held
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Soudabond EASY is a high-performance polyurethane adhesive foam. Quick and easy to use - no mixing required. Replaces traditional powder-based adhesives. The formula combines strong adhesion with filling characteristics, making it suitable for bonding uneven surfaces. Used for the bonding of many building materials, such as insulation panels, plasterboard and the construction of interior walls using lightweight building blocks.

Key points :

- One 750ml can is equivalent to one 25kg bag of plasterboard adhesive powder!
- Single component PU adhesive
- Up to 30% quicker than traditional methods
- Gap-filling capabilities
- No mixing required
- Porous and non-porous materials
- Sold as Hand Held application can
- Gun Grade and Genius Gun are also available

Good single product alternative to SOUDAL PU Building Adhesive and SOUDAL Plasterboard Adhesive.

    Specification :
    Size: 750ml can

    Application type: Hand Held
    Curing time: About 30 minutes - 30mm adhesive bead
    Full Strength: About 12 hours - 30mm adhesive bead
    Thermal Conductivity: 0.035W/mK


    Clean, efficient and economical bonding of many types of Insulation panels - polyurethane, phenol, resin foam. Can also be used for bonding polystyrene. Bonding of gypsum plasterboard in dry lining applications. Can be used for bonding non-load bearing walls. Bonds many other building materials such as brick, stone, aluminium, ceramics, MDF, steel, cork, wood and chipboard.

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