SIGA Fentrim® grommet (White) - Internal Airtight Cable & Pipe Sealing
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SIGA fentrim® grommets are robust, extremely adhesive grommets suitable for quick and reliable sealing of circular penetrations, particularly for pipe or cable joints. The fentrim grommets feature an extended flange that allows for a perfect seal around the cable or pipe, especially if they droop as they exit the wall. They feature the same tried and tested adhesive material as the SIGA fentrim tapes and can be plastered over. The EPDM material of the grommet impresses with high resistance to weather and ageing. 

Key points :

Extremely high adhesive strength at high and low temperatures
Immediately 100% tight 

Robust and flexible
Reliable, no building damage

Tearproof, slit backing strip
Saves time

Can be plastered over

Specification :

Product Size:
- Width:
- Length: 150mm
Penetration Sizes:
- 8-12 mm
- 15-22 mm
- 22-25 mm
- 100-110 mm
Tensile Strength (collar) lengthwise: 220 N/50mm
Tensile Strength (collar) crosswise: 140 N/50mm
Tensile Elongation (collar) lengthwise: 70%
Tensile Elongation (collar) crosswise: 80%

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