PROCTOR Reflectatherm Plus - 1.5m x 50m
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75 m²
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Reflectatherm Plus is a reflective, high resistance air and vapour control layer for internal walls, ceilings and floors, specifically designed to enhance the thermal performance when placed on the warm side of the insulation.

Key points :

High vapour resistance.

Improved airtightness.

Creates service void.

Creates an unbroken vapour control layer.

Specification :

Length: 50m
Width: 1.5m
Mass per unit area: 150g/m²
R-value: 0.78m²K/W (when used with a minimum 19mm service cavity.)
Sd Value: 150m
Vapour Resistance: 750 MNs/g.

- The membrane should be installed with the foil side facing the cavity. In ceilings the product is placed between the underside of the rafters and the ceiling lining. Adjacent sheets should be lapped by at least 50mm and sealed with a suitable tape. Minimise penetrations caused by services and seal all joints.

- Help meets the requirements of the Part L in England and Wales, Section 6 in Scotland, and Technical Guidance Document L in Ireland.

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