PROCTOR Procheck® Adapt Variable VCL Membrane - 50m x 1.5m
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75 m²
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Proctor Procheck® Adapt is a high-performance variable-permeability vapour control layer for use in a variety of commercial and residential applications. It is designed to protect the building fabric from potential risks of condensation and it will also act as an airtight barrier. Its variable permeability adapts to changes in humidity levels becoming more resistant in Winter and more permeable in Summer. This means the building fabric is protected from damaging moisture levels during cold, wet months of the year and it will allow the fabric to dry out effectively in warmer, drier months. Procheck Adapts’ translucent structure eases fixing to structural frames and in conjunction with its integral tape allows for a fast installation time.

Key points :

Variable resistance adapts to changes in humidity

Wide Sd range guarantees performance in demanding climatic conditions

Ensures effective drying out of building materials

Suitable for a variety of commercial and residential applications

Provides airtightness to structure as well as vapour control

Translucent material allows for ease of installation onto framework

Passivehouse certified

Specification :

Length: 50m
Width: 1.5m
Weight: 150gsm 
Vapour Resistance Sd: 0.04m - 90m
Air Permeability: 0.00 m³/m².hr @ 50 Pa
Tensile Strength:
MD: 350 N/50mm
CD: 315 N/50mm
Nail Tear Resistance:
MD: 350 N/50mm
CD: 375 N/50mm
MD: 20%
CD: 20%
Reaction to Fire: Class E


Passivehouse Certified


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