PROCTOR Procheck® A2 FR Vapour & Airtight Membrane - 50m x 1.2m
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Proctor Procheck A2, is a vapour and airtight membrane. Procheck A2, with it’s Class A2-s1,d0 fire classification to BS EN 13501-1, is considered non-combustible with no contribution to fire. Its composition comprises of the glass fibre backing, with a pure aluminium foil and clear lacquer coating. This composition affords the membrane its Class A2 performance as well as giving it a high degree of vapour controlling properties. The membrane comes with a high vapour resistance, as well as being airtight, which allows its use as an AVCL in the construction. Providing high levels of airtightness can ensure the thermal efficiency of the building.

The integral foil layer, with its protective clear lacquer coating, gives this A2 membrane the unique added benefit of having a low emissivity surface. This means that the membrane, when installed with the foil face next to a service cavity, with a minimum depth of 19mm, will provide additional thermal performance to the overall wall construction.

Procheck A2 air and vapour tight membrane improves energy efficiency and reduces the risk of condensation.

Key points :

Reaction to Fire classification to A2-s1,d0

Water vapour diffusion tight

Reflective material, emissivity <0.05

Clear lacquered aluminium surface allows for low emissivity surface

Easy to install

Robust and able to withstand tough site conditions

BRE approval in buildings over 18m in England and Wales, and over 11m in Scotland

Specification :

Length: 50m
Width: 1.2m
Mass per Unit area / Weight: 165g/m²
Sd Value: > 1500m
Tensile Strength:
MD: 700 N/50mm
CD: 400 M/50mm
Nail Tear Resistance:
MD: 170 N
CD: 130 N
MD: 3%
CD: 3%
Fire Rating: A2-s1, d0
Emissivity: <0.05


Procheck A2 can be used on the internal face of a wall, behind the internal lining i.e. plasterboard., in the same position as standard/traditional VCL’s. If installed with a service cavity an enhanced thermal resistance of the associated airspace can be accounted for in the U value calculations for the element. The use of a service cavity is also good practise for use with VCL’s as they reduce the risk of subsequent damage by ongoing trades once the membrane is installed.

Alternatively, the Procheck A2 can be used on the external face of sheathing, if an SFS type scenario is being followed ie where the thermal insulation is going on the external face of the frame, prior to the insulation and rainscreen cladding. In this situation additional thermal benefit from a low emissivity surface will be difficult to include due to the insulation being installed directly over the face of the membrane. The A Proctor Group do have a range of alternative products for this area that may supply a better solution for moisture management within the construction. Please speak to our technical department for further information and guidance.

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