PROCTOR Procheck® 500 VCL Reinforced Vapour Barrier - 50m x 2m
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100 m²
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Procheck 500 is a strong reinforced polyethylene vapour control layer with a vapour resistance of Sd 100m, making it suitable for low to medium risk applications e.g. offices, schools & housing. The woven extruded polypropylene multifilament scrim reinforcement provides improved nail tear resistance and robustness to withstand tough site conditions. The sheet is transparent allowing visibility to the substructure to ease the installation. Procheck 500 is the grade utilised by many leading system manufacturers. It is UV-stabilised and unaffected by chlorine.

Key points :



Suitable for low risk applications e.g. heated warehouses, offices and housing

Minimal tears due to reinforcement

Robust to withstand tough site conditions

Visibility to substructure for ease of installation

Specification :

Length: 50m
Width: 2m
Thickness: 0.3mm
Mass per Unit area: to be no less than 236g/m²
Water Vapour Resistance: to be no less than Sd 100m when tested to EN1931
Tensile Strength: to be no less than MD 280N/50mm; CD 170N/50mm when tested to EN 12311-1
Nail Tear Resistance: to be no less than MD 150N; CD 230N when tested to EN 12310-1
Elongation: to be no greater than MD 35% and CD 30% when tested to EN 12311-1


Procheck 500’s vapour resistance of Sd 100m makes it the ideal choice for applications such as heated warehouses, schools and shops. Its translucent colour allows visibility to the substructure.

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