Pro Clima Tescon No. 1 - Sealing Adhesive Tape 60mm x 30m
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TESCON NO.1 is a flexible airtight tape for creating long-lasting airtight seals on airtight membranes and windtight breather membranes. Tescon No.1 is perfect for sealing overlaps, edges and penetrations as well as connections to most surfaces commonly found on a building site (primer may be required). It can be left exposed to UV and weather for up to 3 months prior to installing the final external finish on the building.

Key points :

- All-round adhesive tape for indoors and outdoors, 3 months of outdoor exposure
- Flexible backing, easy to tear off by hand
- Very elastic and permanently deformable (no self-alignment), also ideal for connecting to penetrations
- Waterproof adhesive
- Lowest VOC rating in hazardous substance test, can be plastered over

Specification :
  • Width: 60mm
  • Length: 30m
  • Roll Weight: 0.7 kg

- Inside: Airtight bonding of vapour check and airtightness membrane as well as airtight wood-based panels.
- Outside: Airtight bonding of roof-mounted vapour check and refurbishment vapour check and airtightness membrane. Windproofing of sarking membrane, roof lining membrane and wall lining membrane (e.g. pro clima SOLITEX). Wind-proof bonding of wood-based panels used as sarking boards.
- All bonding, indoor and outdoor, can be between the same material as well as with adjacent structural components with a smooth, non-mineral
surface (e.g. pipe penetrations, roof windows).