Pro Clima Solitex Plus - Vapour Permeable Membrane (1.5m x 50m / 75m²)
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75 m²
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SOLITEX PLUS is the Next Generation of High-Performance vapour permeable Underlay. With an impressive range of characteristics such as high
Vapour Permeability, Extreme Watertightness, High Nail Tear Resistance and Thermostability, SOLITEX PLUS offers superior protection against
condensation risk and extreme resistance against pelting rain. SOLITEX PLUS, from pro clima is a Diffusion-Open vapour permeable membrane.

Key points :

Totally resistant to all wood preservatives, wood treatments or natural wood resins.

Extreme resistance to wind-driven pelting rain.

Totally resistant to contamination due to on-site chemicals.

Extremely Nail-Tear resistant >350N.

Extremely Water-Tight >2500mm.

High physical strength.

High vapour permeability.

Four-ply layer.

Resistant to ageing.

Lightweight for ease of handling.

Specification :

Width: 1.5m
Length: 50m
Roll Coverage: 75 
Thermal Conductivity: 0.50 W/mK
Sd-Value: 0.3 m - 0.05 m
G-Value (vapour resistance): 0.20 ±0.05 MNs/g 
Elongation CD: 15±5%
Elongation MD: 15 ±%
Nail Tear Resistance CD: 270 ±30 N
Nail Tear Resistance MD: 300 ±30 N
Tensile Strength CD: 350 ±40 N/5cm
Tensile Strength MD: 495 ±40 N/5cm
Moisture vapour diffusion resistance factor: 35000 μ
Air Permeability: ? m³/(m²h)
Surface Weight: 170 ±5 g/m²
Water Resistance: W1
Roll Weight: 14.2 kg
Fire Rating: E


Pitched roof (15° or more pitch), Roofs, Suspended timber floors, Walls (timber frame), Walls with closed timber cladding (no gaps)


Meets with the durability requirements of EN 13984
Passive Hosue Institute Certified Component - phA
BBA - 14/5155
CE Mark

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