Pro Clima Kaflex Post - Retrofit Airtight Cable Grommet (Pack of 10)
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Pro Clima Kaflex Post is an airtight pipe and cable sealing grommet for sealing around pipes and cables of upto 20mm diameter. It is made from Tescon Vana tape that has been 3rd party tested and proved to remain airtight for at least 100 years. Kaflex Post is especially useful during

Key points :

Perfect for retrofits

Quick professional or DIY solution

Seals pipes and cables of upto 20mm diameter

Use internally or externally

Saves time and makes sealing penetrations really easy

Wraps around pre-installed pipes and cables to seal them airtight

Access to a disconnected end of the pipe/cable is not required

Avoids the use of poor sealing alternatives like expanding foam or silicone that do not remain airtight over time.

Specification :

Cable/Pipe Diameter: 4-20mm
Pack Quantity: 

Where to use:

Pro Clima Kaflex Post can be used on any pipe, cable or conduit of up to 20mm diameter. It will permanently stick to all Pro Clima airtight and windtight membranes, wood-based panel/board like OSB, plywood or MDF, smooth planed or painted timber, metal or plastic.

There is a slit along one side of the Kaflex Post so it can be positioned around a pipe or cable without needing access to either end. This is different to Pro Clima's Kaflex Mono, Kaflex Duo and Kaflex Multi or Roflex grommets that all require you to insert a disconnected end of the pipe or cable through a circular hole in the middle of the grommet to complete the installation.

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