MARMOX Thermoblock 140 Load Bearing Insulation Block - Extra 100mm
MARMOX Thermoblock 140 Load Bearing Insulation Block - Extra 100mm
Product Code:
0.6 LM (linear metre)
Thermal Conductivity:
0.050 W/m·K
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Marmox Thermoblock is a block of load-bearing insulation material designed to be placed at the base of a masonry or timber–frame wall to address the thermal bridge. Its thermal conductivity is 0.05W/mK which will result in a significant reduction in y values when used at wall to floor junctions.

Its mean compressive strength is 9N/mm2 allowing it to be used under most load-bearing walls and its characteristic shear strength is 0.18N/mm2. Additionally, because they are impermeable to water they can be used in damp conditions without any loss of their insulating properties. So, not only do Thermoblock thermal insulation products reduce thermal bridging, but they also create a moisture barrier.

Key points :

Impermeable to water and can be used in damp conditions without any loss to the insulating properties

Reduces heat loss at the base of walls

Suitable to form the base of walls comprising brick, block or wooden frame.

Suitable to form the base layer beneath timber or steel frame walls.

Specification :

Thickness: 100mm
Width: 140mm
Minimum Compressive Strength: 9 N/mm²
Thermal Conductivity: 0.05 W/mK
Fire Resistance: Class E > 120 minutes (EN 13164 / EN 1365-1)

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