Lime Green Stipple Coat Lime Preparation - 25kg
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3 m²
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A lime preparation coat with excellent adhesion to difficult historic structures. Suitable for both high and low-suction masonry backgrounds. Provides extra adhesion for further coats of Lime Green Duro or Ultra.

If internal or external masonry walls are very smooth or highly porous, then a standard lime base coat may have difficulty sticking to the surface. Lime green Stipple coat will prepare them ready for the next coat of lime plaster or lime render.

Walls and ceilings can then be completed using our finish lime plasters for a high-quality surface prior to painting. Like Ultra and Duro, Stipple Coat lime preparation is a lime-based product so it allows the walls to breathe and expel any trapped moisture. For non-porous sealed surfaces, such as tanking slurries, use Lime Green Grippa.

Stipple Coat can be hand-applied or machine sprayed for faster coverage.

Key points :

Prepares wall for render or plaster coat


Extra Adhesion

Specification :

Weight: 25 kg
Coverage (per bag): One 25kg will cover approx. 3m² @ 4-5mm thick. (Not including wastage)
Vapour Permeability: 5 to 15 µ
Compressive Strength @ 28 days: 2 to 3 N/mm²
Flexural Strength: 0.5 to 1 N/mm²
Fire Class: A1
Total Organic Content: ≤0.25%

20%+  | 
Natural Hydraulic Lime, sands and aggregate
1% - 20%  | 
≤1%  | 
Cellulose, citric acid, clay and tallow

    Surface Preparation
    Remove dust, surface contaminants and loose or friable existing render/plaster. Consolidate where necessary. Do not apply PVC
    or other waterproof elements and do not apply to a painted wall (ensure downspouts are not leaking on to the substrate).

    How to Mix
    One 25kg sack will need approximately 4 to 5 litres of clean water. Mixing should be carried out in a drum or forced action mixer.
    When using a mixer, mix for 10 minutes, if using a mechanical whisk, mix for 2 to 3 minutes, stand for 10 minutes and then mix
    once more before application. Use within 30 minutes, do not re-work the mix.

    How to Apply
    Always carry out a trial to ensure compatibility. Make sure you cover up surrounding area. There are several application methods.
    Thrown, troweled, and sprayed on with a hopper gun. Make sure you apply around 5mm in thickness, leaving the surface
    rough. The finished appearance should look similar to ‘roughcast’. Please see the relevant video for further advice. This can be
    downloaded from the Lime Green website.

    Apply either Lime Green Ultra or Duro¸ as undercoats to build out and level. Lime Green Natural Finish or Solo can be used as
    finish coats once the backing coats have had sufficient time to cure: generally 3 days depending on conditions.

    Curing and Why
    The prevention of drying out too quickly is the key to the success of the application. Lightly spray the base coat if it is too hot or
    drying out too quickly. In addition, protect from harsh weather conditions, for example, frosts, rain and direct sunlight. The use of
    damp hessian, fixed to the wall can slow down the drying out process and provide protection from adverse weather conditions.

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