ISO-Chemie Iso-Bloco T-MAX PUR Sealing Tape
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ISO-BLOCO T-MAX is a special PUR sealing tape impregnated with a fire resistant polymeric dispersion. It is specifically designed for larger joints which require large movement accommodation. In addition to supplying a weathertight seal against wind driven rain it also has thermal and acoustic insulation properties, complying with UK Building Regulations.

ISO-BLOCO T-MAX is particularly well suited for multistory timber framed buildings where a large amount of differential movement is expected between fenestration or roofs and the external facades, allowing up to 39 mm of movement, with a single tape. Ideal for window head or cill and under roof eaves.

Key points :

Fulfills UK Building Regulations and RAL recommendations

Seals against driving rain, snow, wind and dust

Accommodates up to 39 mm of movement (>350 % MAF)

Fit and forget – no remedial visits after large movement, unlike wet sealants

Perfectly flat visual surface finish>

Vapour permeable – breathable

Thermal and acoustic insulating properties

Self-adhesive to aid installation / location

Permanently elastic with a long life expectancy

Can be painted with standard emulsion paints

Compatible with all known building materials

Specification :

Impermeable to driving rain: ≤ 450 Pa
Thermal Conductivity: ≤ 0.052 W/mK
Water vapour diffusion resistance ≤ 10 μ
Sd-Value: ≤ 0.5 m (for 50mm width)
Material: Impregnated PUR flexible foam

A versatile product that has a wide range of uses, but generally for sealing construction joints (including larger movement joints) in areas such as:

- External facade seals on timber framed buildings
- Prefabricated concrete, and other material, elements (including civil engineering)
- Perimeter seals for fenestration (windows / doors)
- Cladding panels
- Curtain walling

Used in a variety of construction methods and industries including:

- Timber and/or steel framed buildings
- General construction and civil engineering
- Modular construction and other MMC types

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