ISO-Chemie Iso-Bloco One Joint Sealing Expansion Tape (5-30mm expansion)
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Thermal Conductivity:
0.048 W/mK
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ISO-BLOCO ONE is a special multi-functional all-in-one joint sealing tape with outstanding properties. The ore-compressed tape is 100% airtight at the internal seal area, contributing in minimising heat loss by convection. It also possesses an optimal vapour diffusion gradient from the inside outwards, enhancing the external transmission of moisture, and enabling the joints to dry out quickly.

Key points :

3-level-sealant with just one product

Reduces convection heat loss

High functional reliability due to large expansion ability

Sealing a wide range of joint sizes with a minimum of tape dimensions

Easy one-step application for a reliable seal

Significant cost advantage through time-saving installation

Can be installed in adverse weather conditions

Specification :

Window Frame Depth: 60mm 
Expansion Range: 5-30mm
Thermal Conductivity: 0.048 W/mK

Tape Width Window Construction Depth Recommended Joint Width
54mm 60mm 5-30mm
64mm 70mm
74mm 80mm
82mm 90mm


Tested according to RAL requirement DIN 18542 BG 1 / BG 2 and BG R

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