ISO-Chemie Iso-Bloco 600 Expanding Foam Joint Tape (2-6mm expansion)
Product Code:
Thermal Conductivity:
0.052 W/mK
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ISO-Bloco 600 is a high-quality joint-sealing foam tape suitable for external use. It is a PUR sealing tape impregnated with a fire-resistant polymeric dispersion. It is specially designed for joints in buildings up to 100m high.

In addition to providing protection against driving rain to a minimum of 600 Pa (equivalent to wind force 11 - Violent Storm) the vapour permeable joint sealing tape also possesses outstanding thermal and acoustic characteristics, as well as allowing for diurnal movement.

Key points :

- Resistant to driving rain in excess of 600 Pa
- Seals against wind, dust and splash water
- Reliable due to high area of application for joints (up to 42 mm)
- Permeable to vapour diffusion
- High adhesive strength during fitting
- Permanently elastic with a life-long movement capacity
- Acoustic and thermal insulation properties
- Can be painted over using standard emulsion paints
- 10 years of natural weathering monitored by external institutes

Specification :

Window Frame Depth
Expansion Range: 2-6mm
Thermal Conductivity: 0.052 W/mK

- A versatile product that has a wide range of uses, but generally for sealing construction joints (including moving joints) in areas such as:
- prefabricated concrete, and other material, elements (including civil engineering)
- perimeter seals for fenestration (windows/doors)
- skylights
- cladding panels
- curtain walling

- Meets the stringent requirements of DIN 18542:2009 BG 1

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