Intelligent Membranes PASSIVE PURPLE Airtight Vapour Control Paint - 11.4kg
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Passive Purple is the world’s most airtight liquid-applied vapour control membrane. BBA, Passivhaus and EPD certified.

Passive Purple is a VOC-free water-based product. It’s completely free of any nasty chemicals or fumes. What’s more, as a water-based product, cleaning your paintbrushes and airless spray device is a smooth, no mess task.

Passive Purple Internal has a BS fire Class C rating.

Key points :

Vapour control layer

Consumption will depend on what substrate the product is being applied to

Passivhaus certified

Airtight liquid applied easy to use paint

Smoke tight


ICC tested and certified

BBA certified

Great for new builds and Retrofit

Radon & Methane barrier

Specification :

Size: 11.4kg tin

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