DuPont™ Tyvek® Housewrap - Breather Wall Membrane - 100m x 1.4m (140m²)
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140 m²
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DuPont™ Tyvek® Housewrap is a highly effective breather membrane built to last. Extremely water resistant, it offers fantastic protection from external weather conditions keeping the inside dry with its unique breathable qualities.

These vapour-permeable membrane sheets are suitable for timber and steel structures, creating a protective second layer.

Key points :

Highly permeable to water vapour

Fixable directly to insulation

Windtight & water resistant

Lightweight, flexible & easy to install

Long-term high performance

Suitable for steel & concrete structures

Can be left uncovered for up to 4 months while retaining full performance

Specification :

Length: 100m
Width: 1.4m
Thickness: 0.175mm
Weight: 9kg
Max Tensile Force (MD): 310 N/50mm
Max Tensile Force (XD): 310 N/50mm
Mass per unit area: 61g/m²
UV Exposure: 4 Months
Water Vapour Transmission (Sd): 0.01m (nominal)

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