Thermal Economics Alreflex ThermaEdge - Bubble Foil Insulation For Slab Edges - 50m x 525mm
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26.25 m²
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ThermaEdge is part of the Alreflex group of products; it is a bubble foil insulation designed to prevent cold bridging at the junction between floor slab and cavity wall. It has a foil coating to one face and a flattened top edge that allows the product to be built into the mortar course or fixed to the sole plate. Alreflex ThermaEdge is designed to insulate the edge of a floor slab in cavity wall and timber frame constructions and can be dressed down the cavity to insulate trench blocks.

Key points :

- Flat top edge allows ThermaEdge to be built into the inner leaf.
- Suitable for use with masonry or framed constructions.
- Thin & flexible.
- Easy to fit.
- Water & rain resistant helping to prevent water penetration.
- Environmentally friendly:
   - ODP = Zero
   - GWP = Less than 5

Specification :

Length: 50m
Thickness: 3mm
Width: 525mm
Thermal Resistance: 0.81 m2K/W
- Water Vapour Resistance: 125 MNs/g

- Cold Bridging

- Class 0 

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