30mm SecilVit Cork Board
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0.5 m²
Thermal Conductivity:
0.037 W/mK
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SecilVit Cork Board insulation is made entirely from natural and renewable cork. Providing natural and sustainable insulation (extracted from the cork-oak tree every 9 years), the cork used in the Cork Board system is a breathable material, free from any chemicals, synthetic resins and carcinogenic materials. This therefore contributes to a natural, healthy environment inside or outside of your home.

Key points :

Excellent thermal protection

High thermal inertia

Reduction of energy costs

Superior environmental performance

100% Natural and renewable insulation

Recyclable system

Promotes the cork-oak tree forest, responsible for the annual capture of 5 million tons of CO2, and for the biodiversity of 180 different species,  in Portugal alone

Breathable and healthy system

High dimensional stability of the insulation panel

Low maintenance cost

Material durability

Excellent acoustic and anti-vibration protection

Does not release toxic fumes in case of fire

Specification :

Thickness: 30mm
Width: 500mm
Length: 1000mm
Board Profile: Square Edge
Density: 120kg/m3
Board Coverage: 0.5m²
Thermal Conductivity: 0.037 W/mK
Fire Rating: Class 1
Compressive Strength: >100kPa


External wall insulation
Timber frame panel infills
Internal wall/ceiling insulation
Roof, loft, floor insulation

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