22mm STEICO Universal Wet - 600mm x 2230mm - Pallet of 104
22mm STEICO Universal Wet - 600mm x 2230mm - Pallet of 104
Product Code:
139.152 m²
Thermal Conductivity:
0.048 W/mK
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STEICO Universal Wet* is designed for sheathing timber frame wall panels with
stud framing not less than 38 mm in width and at maximum 600 mm centres. The boards can resist weather exposure without deterioration during construction or if
cladding is delayed. This is a wet production process board.

*Wet is the manufacturing process.

Key points :

- Ecological, produced without additional glues
- Excellent heat protection in Summer
- Reduces thermal bridging
- Can be used with air- injected insulation from 35 mm thick
- For roof pitches ≥ 16°
- May be left exposed for up to 4 weeks during construction
- Sustainable and recyclable like natural wood

Specification :

Length: 2230mm
Width: 600mm
Thickness: 22mm
Quantity: 104 boards
Coverage: 139.152m²
Edge design: Special tongue and groove profiles
Declared thermal conductivity λD [W/(m*K)]: 0.048
Declared thermal resistance RD [(m²*K)/ W]: 0.45
Density [kg / m³] ca.: 270
Water vapour diffusion resistance factor μ: 5
Sd-value [m]: 0.11
Short-term water absorption [kg/m²]: ≤ 1.0
Specific heat capacity c [J/(kg*K)]: 2.100
Compression strength at 10 % deformation σ10 [N / mm²]: 0.20
Compression strength [kPa]: 200
Tensile strength perpendicular to face ^ [kPa]: ≥ 30
Declared level of airflow resistance [(kPa*s) / m²]: ≥ 100


Sarking board for roof pitches ≥ 16°
External walls in conjunction with a rain screen


Produced and supervised according to EN 13171
Board designation WF – EN 13171 – T5 – CS(10 \Y)180 – TR25 – WS1,0 – MU3
Fire class according to EN 13501-1 E
Waste code (EAK) 030105 /170201

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