YBS Airtec Single (Aluminium Foil Insulation)
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YBS Insulation Airtec Single is a thin, flexible, easy to install aluminium bubble insulation membrane, suitable for a variety of applications, offering a cost effective solution helping to reduce energy bills.

The core bubble profile of the product offers great thermal benefits, this is achieved by trapping air within its bubble structure while creating low emissivity air spaces from its foil faced outer layer, enhancing its overall thermal capabilities. 

Key points :

Built-in airtight vapour control layer to prevent the passage of moisture, reducing the risk of condensation

Up to 50% reduction in heat loss, saving you money on your energy bills

Suitable for roofs, walls, floors and many more applications

Thin, flexible, lightweight and easy to install

Zero fibres remove the need for PPE

Made in Britain

Specification :

Thickness: 3mm
Coverage: m²
Weight: g/m²
Core R-Value: m²K/W
Fire Class: Class F
Water Vapour Resistance: > MNs/g

CE Certified

Building Control Compliant

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