TLX BATSAFE Bat Friendly Breathable Roofing Membrane - 25m x 950mm
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23.75 m²
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The TLX BATSAFE is the world’s first energy saving, bat friendly breather membrane from TLX Insulation Ltd. It has been designed with a tough mesh protection. TLX BATSAFE is lightweight, high strength and breathable whilst continuing to offer all the usual levels of performance you’d expect from TLX energy-saving breather membranes. Only 1F felt has been used when Bats are found, until now. This has come at considerable cost to energy saving because 1F felt requires extra rafter space if insulation is used; in old buildings this is often not possible.

Key points :

- Lightweight, high strength and breathable
- Can be used in warm or cold roof constructions.
- Suitable for unsupported and supported applications.
- Reduce CO2 emissions: Up to 57%
- Improve Thermal Performance: Up to 87%

Specification :

Length: 25m
Width: 950mm
Coverage: 23.75m2
Weight of roll: 8.3kg

- Can be used in warm or cold roof constructions
- Suitable for unsupported and supported applications
- May be laid directly over insulation and insulated sarking board in convection-tight roof designs

- TLX BATSAFE has passed snagging propensity test developed by university academics, Statutory Nature Conservation Organisations and The Bat Conservation Trust.
(Method for evaluating the snagging propensity of roofing membranes in buildings by roosting bats, Building Research and Information, 2020, 48(4), DOI:10.1080/09613218.2020.1763773.) 

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