Soudal Soudabond BG1 Foam Sealing Tape 25/11-25mm x 2.6m
Product Code:
2.6 LM (linear metre)
Thermal Conductivity:
0.052 W/mK
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Soudal Soudabond BG1 is a pre-compressed open cell polyurethane foam sealant tape. Used for the sealing, insulating and weather proofing of façades joints. The tape is impregnated with an adhesive and can be used without primer. After application the tape expands to fill gaps and also adapts to uneven surfaces.

Key points :

- Vapor permeable
- Driving rain tight
- Windproof
- Acoustic and thermally insulating
- Adapts itself to unevenness and joint movements.
- UV-resistant
- Dustproof
- Easy to apply
- No need for pretreatment or finishing
- Self-adhesive backing (= installation aid)
- Non-staining at joint edges
- Neutral and odorless
- Stays elastic and repaintable

Specification :

Length: 2.6m
Width: 25mm
Thickness: 11-25mm
Thermal conductivity: 0,052 W/m.K
Water vapor permeability (Sd): ≤ 0.5 m at 50 mm width (= vapor permeable)
Water vapor diffusion resistance factor: ≤ 10

- Permanently elastic sealing of connection and expansion joints in masonry, prefab
elements, concrete, sandwich panels, roof constructions, etc.
- Sealing of (connection) joints around windows and doors
- Sealing between metal components.
- Acoustic insulation of joints

- Fire reaction classification B1 (DIN 4102-1) - PB 11-002078-PR01 (IFT Rosenheim)
- BG1 according to EN 18542 - PB 105 43167/2 R1 U (IFT Rosenheim)
- Classe 1 according to DTU 36.5 and DTU 33.1 - n° 1612-68080-000005 (Socotec France)
- MO-01/1 Bauteilprüfung (Systemtest: air and driving rain tightness of a sealing system between window and wall) - PB 12- 000824-PR01 (IFT Rosenheim)
- ATG 2933 - Technical Approval (Belgium)
-  KOMO certified - n° K21386/02 (the Netherlands)
- Soudaband PRO BG1 meets GEV EMICODE EC1 PLUS: very low emission.

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