SOUDAL PU Joint Backer Rod - 15mm
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SOUDAL PU backer rod is a round profile made from open-cell polyurethane foam, mainly used as a backfilling for connection and expansion joints in the construction industry.

Key points :

High flexibility

Adhesion barrier to prevent 3-point adhesion of the sealant

Helps control joint depth for correct joint dimensions

Reduces sealant consumption

Supports the sealant during finishing

Has sufficient compressive and breaking strength

Compatible with Soudal sealants

Inert product

Specification :

Length: 1m
Material: Open-cell PU (Polyurethane) foam


Placed as backfilling in horizontal and vertical connection and expansion joints before applying the joint sealant.

Open open-cell PU backer rod is ideal for joints of varying widths.

Suitable for use with cold-applied sealants such as silicones, polyurethanes, hybrid polymers, acrylic sealants,...


Before applying the backer rod, the joint must be prepared as prescribed by the sealant manufacturer. Apply PU backer rod compressed in the joint. Use the correct diameter to prevent movement in the joint. Diameter of the backer rod should be up to 50% larger than the joint width. Apply backer rod evenly to the desired depth (see sealant manufacturer's instructions). Do not apply the backer rod with a sharp object. Make sure there are no breaks between the different pieces of backer rod and that they fit properly.

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