SIGA Majrex® 200 (1-directional) Airtight Humidity Vapour Control Layer - 1.5 x 50m (75m²)
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SIGA MAJREX® 200 is a unique and revolutionary Vapour Control Layer unlike any other on the market. With its patented Hygrobird® technology, it allows for the travel of moisture from within the wall through into the room but not back out into the wall.

SIGA took inspiration from nature and the Cactus, which absorbs moisture through its skin at night when the moisture in the air condenses. But during the day when temperatures rise above 40℃, the cactus manages to keep all the moisture inside so it doesn't wither or die. The skin of some cacti lets moisture in - but not out.

The development of an actual one-directional membrane is a big step forward in building physics. We can now have the best of both worlds in one product:
- The high amounts of moisture from the inside does not pass into the wall cavity.
- At the same time, the moisture we have in it can easily pass through the membrane towards the inside where it is not harmful.

There’s no other product in the world like it… except for the cactus of course.

Key points :

Unique one-directional vapour transmission

Hygrobird® - Increased safety in every construction

Dimensionally stable - can be laid quickly and without wrinkles

Time-saving printed cutting and laying aid

Specification :

Width: 1.5 mm
Length: 50 m
Mass per unit area: 150 g/m²
Resistance to water penetration: W1
Sd Value:
- Direction 1:
5 m
- Direction 2: 15 m
Air permeability: 0.02 m³/(hm²)
Tensile Force (MD): 300 N/50mm
Tensile Force (CD): 250 N/50mm
Tensile Elongation (MD): 35 %
Tensile Elongation (CD): 35 %
Resistance to tearing (MD): 145 N
Resistance to tearing (CD): 150 N
Weight: 13.5kg

* Direction 1: Direction of diffusion from unprinted (cold) side to printed (warm) side of membrane.
* Direction 2: Direction of diffusion from printed (warm) side to unprinted (cold) side of membrane.

Certified by the Passive House Institute.
phA Certified Component

EN 13984, Type A

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