SIGA Majcoat® 150 Breather Membrane - 1.5m x 50m (75m²)
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75 m²
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The diffusion-open layer can withstand driving rain and is suitable as a breathable membrane for external protection of roof structures for pitches from 10° and normal atmospheric exposure duration.

Key points :

Sturdy - tear and abrasion resistant

Printed cutting and laying aid - time saving

easy to cut - time saving

Specification :

Width: 1.5 mm
Length: 50 m
Coverage: 75m²
Sd value: 0.05 m
Tensile property max. force (MD): 315 N/50mm
Tensile property max. force (CD): 220 N/50mm
Tensile property elongation (MD): 60 %
Tensile property elongation (CD): 70 %
Resistance to tearing (nail tearing) (MD): 180 N
Resistance to tearing (nail tearing) (CD): 220 N
Resistance to water penetration: W1
Composition:  3-layered, functional layer reinforced on both sides with PP fibre-fleece
Weight: 12kg
Weight per unit area: 150g / m²


Fire Behaviour: Class E (EN 13501-1)
Standards & Regulations: EN 13984, Type A

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