SIGA Farmer Waterproof High Performance Multi-purpose Tape - 60mm x 15m
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15 LM (linear metre)
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SIGA Farmer is a waterproof, multi-purpose, high-performance tape suitable for use on a wide range of substrates both indoors and outdoors. With its extreme adhesion, it will stick quickly and easily in hot, cold or humid environments. Perfect for use in the garden, agriculture, at home or leisure and much more.

What can I use it for?

In the Garden: Paddling pools, tents, jackets & clothing, kites, bike seats and more.
In the House: Blow-up beds, brush handles, cables, clothing and more.
Outdoors: Car bodywork, boats, lights and more.

Key points :

For use by all - not just farmers!

Holds up under adverse conditions - Heat, cold and humid environments.

Transparent & inconspicuous

Waterproof & UV-Stable

Extreme adhesion

Specification :

Length: 15m
Width: 60mm


High permanent adhesion, can neither dry out nor become brittle since there is no rubber, resin or solvents. It makes construction movements reliably and permanently.

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