SIGA Dockskin® 100 Fibrous Surface Primer - 1kg bottle
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SIGA Dockskin 100 is a deep-penetrating, high-performance primer for strengthening problematical substrates such as wood fibre boards, plaster and masonry both indoors and outdoors to ensure secure bonding with SIGA adhesive tapes.

Key points :

Quick Drying
Saves time

Strong Adhesion
Extremely good adhesion on soft fibre boards, masonry and concrete

Usable on cold substrates from -10℃

Specification :

Size: 1kg bottle
Temperature Resistance: -40℃ - +100℃
Coverage: Rissan / Wigluv 100 & 150mm - ~35 / ~25 m
Composition: Water-based solvent-free acrylate-copolymer dispersion

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