Rockwool FIREPRO Glue - 17kg tub
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10.2 m²
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Rockwool FirePro Glue is a specially created water-based and fire resistant adhesive. It has been specially developed for fixing fire protection systems as well as other suitable products where a high quality, fire resistant adhesive is required.

Demonstrating its durability, the FirePro Glue is able to withstand a wide range of application temperatures. For example frost exposure does not remove the products curing ability and has been tested when applied to surfaces with temperatures of -10°C or rising.

Key points :

Easy to apply – just make sure that the FIREPRO® Glue has been sufficiently stirred to ensure a smooth application.

Adaptable - FIREPRO® Glue can be used effectively in a range of temperatures, making it the perfect fire resistant adhesive for a wide range of builds. The temperature of FIREPRO® glue must be 5°C or more when applied to surfaces at lower temperatures.

Quick drying – it sets in as little as four hours, ensuring that programme deadlines can stay on track.

Specification :

Volume: 17kg
Coverage: 10.2 m²
Application Temperature: Surface temperature of ≥ -10°C (Glue must be ≥ 5°C)
Ph: 11
Shelf Life: 12 months


FIREPRO® Glue is suitable for use with FIREPRO® BEAMCLAD and ROCKWOOL Fire Duct Systems where glued joints or noggins are required. FIREPRO® Glue can also be used in conjunction with other ROCKWOOL Stone Wool products where there is a requirement for a fire resistant adhesive.

Frost exposure does not remove curing ability.

The use of FIREPRO® glue is not limited to particular temperatures and has been tested when applied to surfaces with temperatures of -10°C and upwards, but the curing rate in-situ can be affected by:
- Temperature
- Air humidity
- Thickness of glue layer in a joint
- Air access to glued joint (i.e. not sealed off)


The product has been authorised for use in LUL surface and sub-surface premises (LUL Ref: 2271) when utilised in accordance with the relevant data sheet.

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