PROCTOR Wraptite® Airtight Tape
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Proctor Wraptite Tape is an airtight, tear-resistant tape providing a useful way of stopping unnecessary air leakage around openings and overlaps. Wraptite Tape's flexibility facilitates ease of application and detailing, while its resilient composition resists punctures and tears during construction. It can be left exposed for up to 120 days during construction.

It fully bonds to all standard substrates, with no primer required, suppressing air leakage around joints, openings and penetrations. It is also suitable for permanent airtight sealing of membrane overlaps and for taping insulation joints. Wraptite Tape’s high vapour permeability allows damp sheathing to dry quickly and moisture vapour to escape. This ensures good indoor air quality and reduces the likelihood of mould, mildew, condensation, timber distortion and metal corrosion. Wraptite Tape contains no VOC’s

Wraptite Tape is also available with a split-release liner for ease of installation.

Key points :

Vapour permeable tape is used to protect exposed joints in insulation.

Easy to use when detailing joints.

Ultimate airtightness accessory.

Can seal joints in the mechanically fastened air barrier.

Specification :

Length: 50m
Width: 75mm, 100mm & 150mm
Nominal Thickness: 0.65mm
Basis Weight: 292 g/m²
Water Penetration: Class W1
Air Permeance: 0.01 m³/m².h.50 Pa
Water Vapour Resistance Sd: 0.039m
Reaction to Fire: Class B-s1, d0

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