Pro Clima Tescon Sprimer Spray Can Primer
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Pro Clima Tescon Sprimer is a spray-on primer used before applying airtight tapes. It prepares and stabilises absorbent surfaces, masonry, dust-producing surfaces, fibrous surfaces or any surface that may separate (come away/break) when forces are exerted on the bond.  It ensures the adhesion of tapes is successful on all the surfaces commonly found on a building site.

Key points :

Easy to apply - spray on directly from the can, no contamination of the primer in its container

Secure bonds: penetrates deep and strengthens dusty subsurfaces or subsurfaces with insufficient stability

Saves time: adhesive tapes can be stuck to absorbent subsurfaces with no drying time

Flexible use: use on dry and slightly moist subsurface

At any time of the year: can also be applied during frosty conditions

Specification :

Volume: 750ml or 400ml
Application Width: 60mm
Component: Synthetic rubber

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