Pro Clima Extoseal Magov Butyl Tape (60mm x 10m)
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10 LM (linear metre)
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Pro Clima Extoseal Magov is a highly flexible butyl rubber adhesive sealing tape for interior and exterior use. Magov can be used for sealing around penetrations in airtight membranes and for between walls and floors. The tape will stick to all Pro Clima membranes and tapes.

Key points :

Elastic and mouldable

Easy to apply

Sealing penetrations

Specification :

Width: 60mm (Split 30mm x 30mm)
Length: 10m
Roll Weight: 0.7 kg
Backing: Elastic PE carrier film
Component: Butyl Rubber
Release Film: Silicone-coated PE film
Colour: Butyl Rubber: Grey Film: White
Surface Weight: 37kg/m²
Thickness: 2mm (approx)
Sd Value: > 200 m
g Value: > 1000 MNs/g
Outdoor Exposure: 3 months 

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