Lime Green Solo Onecoat Lime Plaster - 25kg
Product Code:
1.56 m²
Thermal Conductivity:
0.54 W/mK
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Solo Onecoat Lime Plaster is a one-coat lime plaster for interior use on masonry, undercoats and boards. Can be finished to a smooth surface suitable for decoration.
Developed to give a high quality finish, Lime Green Solo Onecoat Lime Plaster is a perfect labour and time saving interior lime plaster. Unlike standard lime plasters, Lime Green Solo doesn't always need an initial base coat.

Applied as normal it can be finished in many different styles, from a smooth regular finish through to rustic or textured plaster finishes. With no waiting for a first coat to go off, this makes it faster to apply so more wall area can be completed in a day, making Solo Onecoat the perfect product, especially for smaller projects where it's not possible to use ‘waiting time' to work elsewhere.

Key points :

- Easy installation
- Lime based – breathable
- Contains only natural materials
- Easy to achieve consistent mix with excellent workability.
- Can be hand applied in one coat.
- Experienced lime plasterers can install it without special training.
- Suitable for historic/listed Buildings, it regulates humidity and prevents mould growth.
- Can be used in projects with environmental requirements. Does not contain cement.
- High mould resistance
- Adaptable for a range of substrates

Specification :

Weight: 25 kg
Coverage (per bag): 1.56m² @10mm thick
Thermal conductivity: 0.54 W/mK
Workable time once mixed: 45 min
Yield: 16kg/m² @10mm thick (1.6kg/m² per mm of thickness)

    - Woodfibre Insulation Boards: simply skim on Solo in 2 passes with mesh in between, around 10mm thick.
    - Plasterboard: standard (non-waterproof) paperfaced plasterboards just need scrimming and a coat of about 3mm.
    - Waterproof Plasterboard: seal with an acrylic primer before applying a 3mm skim of Solo.
    - Building Boards: products like Fermacel or Mag Oxide will need a coat of Solo Primer before skimming.
    - Lime Undercoats: just key up Ultra or Duro and leave to set, before applying a coat of Solo at 3 to 5mm thick.
    - Old lime plaster: if it is unpainted, apply Solo Primer first before skimming with Solo. Alternatively, Solo Filler can be used to replace both.

    - Fire classification: A1
    - CE Marked

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