HECO-Topix-Plus Timber Fixing Screw - 8,0 x 220mm
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HECO-Topix-Plus screws are specially designed for a wide range of applications in professional timber construction work, such as staircase construction and interior finishing, structural and general timber construction work, as well as on-rafter insulation and façade attachment. The point and shank geometry makes work quick and easy: just position the screw and drive it home. With no preliminary drilling or countersinking required, there is less risk of cracking. Regardless of whether you are working with soft timber or hard, high-grade timber.

Key points :

Shank ribs permit easy, stress-free driving (only with part thread).

Tip with milling ribs reduces the risk of splitting the wood.

Lower driving torque.

Easy to handle

No predrilling required

Faster driving

High cost-effectiveness

Wide assortment of timber screws for high demands

Specification :

Length: 220mm
Diameter: 8.0mm
Bit/Head Style: T-Drive (Torx)
Thread: Part threaded with milling ribs
Material: Bright Zinc


CE according to ETA-11/0284

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