FOAMGLAS® Perinsul HL (Per Pack)
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FOAMGLAS® PERINSUL HL is a very high-density speciality product used to eliminate structural thermal bridging. The upper and the lower surface of the insulation are bitumen coated and laminated with a PE/Glass Fleece Composite, compatible with mortar.

The closed-cell nature of PERINSUL HL means
- it will retain its low thermal conductivity
- it resists the passage of moisture and vapour into the structure, contributing to other damp-proofing measures and
protecting timber and steel components.

Cellular glass insulation does not shrink or degrade over time, retaining its performance for the life of the building and has the potential for re-use in future projects.

Key points :

Capable of bearing structural walls

Eliminates thermal bridges

Resists the passage of moisture and vapour into the structure

Specification :

Thickness: 65, 100 and 140mm
Width: 100, 140 and 215mm
Length: 450mm
Compressive Strength: 29kg/cm²
Density: 200 kg/m³
Thermal Conductivity: 0.058 W/mK

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