ADAPTAVATE breathAplasta Universal (Natural Breathable Plaster) - 20Kg bag
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5 m²
Thermal Conductivity:
0.27 W/mK
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Adaptavate BreathAplasta Universal is a quick-setting lime plaster that is a higher performance and healthier alternative to mainstream plaster products and offers you a range of natural lime plaster finishes from smooth lime plaster skim applications to textured finishes and super-textured feature walls. Breathaplasta is also an ultra-breathable lime plaster that regulates moisture and helps reduce problems with condensation and mould.

Breathaplasta provides high thermal performance, moisture regulation and acoustic insulation for better living comfort have excellent fire performance and a lower environmental impact compared to mainstream plaster products.

Key points :

Quick setting and easy to use
Saves time on the installation process and reduces labour costs

Improved indoor air quality
Absorbs pollutants

Reduces risk of mould and condensation

Thermal performance
Saves money on heating

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Specification :

Packaged Weight: 20kg
Quantity: 1 sack/bag
Max Particle Size: 2 mm
Fresh Mortar Density: 1350 g/L
Dried Hardened Mortar Density:
1090 g/L
Water Absorption:
1.5 Kg/(m².min^0.5)
Compressive Strength (mean):
1.7 Nmm²
Flexural Strength (mean):
0.2 Nmm²
Adhesion (concrete substrate): 
0.1 Nmm² - Fracture Pattern B
Vapour Permeability:
5μ (tabulated)
Thermal Conductivity: 
0.27 W/mK (tabulated)
Reaction To Fire:
 Euroclass A1

Coverage per 20kg bag (approx):
5m² @ 4mm thickness
2.5m² @ 8mm thickness
2m² @ 10mm thickness
1m² @ 20mm thickness

- Suitable for a wide range of backgrounds incl. all masonry (brick, block and stone), wood wool, wood fibre and plasterboard.
- Suitable for direct application to standard plasterboard as a two-coat skim finish.
- Apply as the final surface finish to Adaptavate product – Breathaplasta Thermal. Also suitable for over-skimming existing mineral plaster surfaces. Design choice of textured or smooth finish.

Ideal for renovation, heritage and conservation or sustainable builds using natural materials.

EN 998-1: 2016