6mm STS No More Ply Boards (600 x 1200mm) - per board
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No More ply is a unique, easy to lay, water resistant tile backer board. When fixed properly, it will hold the largest tiles. 

No More Ply boards are a great choice for use as tile backers. Because of their superior strength and water resistance and because they don’t expand or contract even when extremely wet, they’ve become the professional’s first choice when moisture is an issue. No More Ply also provides resistance to mould and termites, has good thermal mass, plus can be used both internally and externally, so it’s a versatile board. It also meets the British Standard. Applications include bathrooms, cloakrooms, wetrooms, saunas, steam rooms, hallways, kitchens, any area that needs tiling, needs first a good tile backer. Even outdoor tiled areas.

It is also water-resistant, unlike plywood which weakens when damp. Plus, it’s also A1 fire rated for your peace of mind.

Key points :

A1 fire-rated board
- Impervious to moisture
- Heat resistant and insulative
- Impact Resistant
- Thin
- Easy to handle
- Incombustible
- Noise reducing
- Easy to cut
- Easy to lay on walls and floors

Specification :

Length: 1200mm
Width: 600mm
Thickness: 6mm


- NoMorePly can be used on a stud partition wall as long as you ensure that it is adequately supported. There must be a support on all four sides of each board, and a support in the middle of each board. Often this means that you will need to add a few extra noggins to your existing stud partition. Once the partition has been adapted to suit the dimensions of the 6mm boards (1200mmx600mm) you can proceed following the same instructions as for the 12mm boards. The 6mm boards will hold the same weight of tiles as the 12mm boards but they have a lower ‘screw spoil strength’ so for example you would need to provide a ‘pattress’ behind the 6mm boards when fixing a towel rail to the wall.

- No More Ply strengthens timber floors before tiling. They prevent tiles and grout lines cracking by removing the ‘flex’ in timber floors caused by footfall. Slim 6mm boards provide the same strength as 15mm plywood and so reduce the ‘step’ into the tiled area.

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