60mm SOUDAL Soudatape Connect (Airtight tape) - 25m
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25 LM (linear metre)
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Soudal Soudatape Connect is a durable tape for permanent airtight sealing of overlaps on vapour barrier tapes foils in interior applications.

Key points :

Carrier made from special paper

Solvent free high strength adhesive layer

Good temperature and moisture resistance

Can be torn to size manually

Superior adhesion to most common foils, non-woven materials, wood and aluminium

Specification :

Width: 60mm
Length: 40m
Sd Value: 0.3-2 m
Material: Self-adhering splash water resistant paper
Adhesive Layer: Acrylic
Carrier: Siliconized foil


For air- and vapourproof finishing of overlapping seams of membranes and other vapour barriers as well as small gaps and impairments in foils.


Apply Soudatape Connect, after partial removal of the protective film, centered on the overlapping vapor barrier. Avoid folds in both the foil and the tape. Remove the protective foil evenly and press the tape firmly over the entire length. If possible, use a pressure roller. Adhesive residues can be removed with soap and water. Do not use on frozen surfaces or surfaces on which condensation is present.

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