50mm Sisaltech SISALWOOL™ 50 Loftroll (3mx570mm) - per roll
50mm Sisaltech SISALWOOL™ 50 Loftroll (3mx570mm) - per roll
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3.42 m²
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Sisaltech Sisalwool 50 is a high-performance Scottish engineered natural fibre insulation roll that is vapour permeable, fire resistant and safe to handle. Perfect for applications including between rafters, joists, partitions, stud walls and loft insulation.

Key points :

Can be handled safely and comfortably and does not cause skin irritation

Is vapour permeable, allowing traditional stone buildings to breathe and moisture to transfer

Offers excellent acoustic performance

Sisal ethically sourced from small-scale farmers in east Africa

Specification :

Thickness: 50mm
Width: 570mm
Length: 3m
Quantity: 1 roll
Coverage per roll: 3.42 m²
Thermal Conductivity: 0.039 W/mK
Density: 40 kg/m³
Fire Treatment: Ecochem 440
Moth Proofing: Ecolan
Contents: Sisal fibre, recycled wool. bi-co binder *


Suitable for both new-build and retro-fit, including historic buildings


* Material colour may vary with different batches.

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