38mm x 4.8 (Loose) EVOLUTION Wingtip Screw - Box of 200
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Evolution Wingtip Screw This box of 200 Evolution Wingtip Screws has been designed to provide maximum holding power for timber, composites and sheet material to light steel applications. These 38mm loose screws boast an innovative wingtip design that ensures superior grip and optimum torque. With the power and durability of these screws, you can trust your projects will have a reliable and long-lasting hold.

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  • Size: 4.8x38mm
  • Box Contents: 200
  • Effective Thread Length: Fully Threaded
  • Head Style: Countersunk with nibs
  • Drive Bit: Phillips 2
  • Effective Thread Length: 24mm
  • Recommended Drill Speed: 1500-2500 RPM
  • Coating: 500hr Evoshield
  • Material: Carbon Steel

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  • CE Mark

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