140mm STEICO Protect M Dry - 1325mm x 600mm
Product Code:
0.747 m²
Thermal Conductivity:
0.040 W/mK
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Steico Protect  is a natural render/plaster carrying wood fibre insulation board with a tongue and groove profile, designed both as an external sheathing board for timber frame constructions or for direct to masonry applications in external wall insulation systems where the render is applied directly to the board and as an internal plaster carrying board for direct fixing to timber frames without the need for a supporting backer board. It is quite common for architects and designers to specify Protect DRY boards in certain building applications and in combination with a separately specified finish or render system.

Key points :

Suitable for use with direct render systems

Ideal for timber frame constructions, solid wood walls and renovation of walls

Robust and economic on-site handling

Manufactured in dry process. Lightweight homogenous boards

Excellent thermal characteristics in summer and winter

Hydrophobic and water vapour open system for robust constructions

Specification :

Dimensions (Including T&G):
1325mm (1.325m)
Width: 600mm (0.6m)

Thickness: 140mm
Density [kg / m³]: 
Water vapour diffusion resistance factor μ: 3
Thermal Conductivity: 0.042 W/mK
Thermal Resistance RD: 3.5 (m²*K) / W 
Specific heat capacity [J/(kg*K)]: 
Compression Strength: 


Wood fibre insulation board for use in External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS)


Fire Class: E - EN 13501-1
Board designation: WF - EN 13171 - T5 - DS(70,90)3 - CS(10\Y)200 - TR30 - WS1,0 - MU3

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