125mm Mayplas XPS Cavity Closer (Double Flange) - pack of 10
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2.4 LM (linear metre)
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The range of Cavity Closers from Mayplas provide an easy, effective and economical solution when closing cavities within openings in masonry walls for windows and doors.

The Mayplas Cavity Closer XPS incorporates a UPVC outer which acts as a damp-proof barrier while the insulated XPS core reduces thermal bridging.

Mayplas Cavity Closer XPS is available in options to suit check and flush reveal applications.

Key points :

Reduces thermal bridging

Reduces heat loss

Prevents condensation, staining and mould


Easy to install

Minimal wastage during construction

All versions of Alticloser will contribute towards compliance under Accredited Construction Details and Enhanced Construction Details

Specification :

For Cavity Width: 125mm
Thickness: 25mm
Length: 2400mm (2.4m)
Flange: Double
Quantity: 10
Thermal Conductivity: 0.033 W/mK

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