Baumit PremiumPrimer (Formerly DG27) - 5kg
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0.25 kg/m²
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Ready-to-use, waterborne quartz-filled primer for all synthetic and mineral decorative finishes. Use to prepare a surface prior to applying render to regulate absorption and for better application. The new filler grain ensures the excellent application and texture of the topcoat. Suitable for use as part of all Baumit EWI Systems. Compliant with ETAG 004 European System Standards for EWI systems with rendering.

Key points :

- Equalises absorption
- Ideal bonding agent
- Optimum topcoat application

Specification :

Size: 5kg tub 
Grain Size: 0.3mm
Coverage: app. 0.25 kg/m²
Gross Density: app. 1470 kg/m² 

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